The Legend of Zelda - Link To The Past (100%)

Sword and Shield

Eastern Palace

Before Desert Palace
Pegasus Boots
Eastern Rupees and Bombs
300 Rupees (SW Lake Cave)
Magic Mushroom
Book of Mudora
Ice Rod
Backdoor Bottle
Butterfly Net
Merchant Bottle
Magic Powder
Forest Thief Heart Piece
Maze Game Heart Piece
Desert Cave Heart Piece
Near Sanctuary Heart Piece
Thieves' Hideout Heart Piece
Kakariko Well Heart Piece
Swamp Heart Piece

Desert Palace
Power Gloves
Desert Palace Heart Piece

Before Tower of Hera
Magic Boomerang
Red Shield
Zora River Heart Piece
Spectacle Rock Heart Piece
Below Spectacle Rock Heart Piece
Tower of Hera
Moon Pearl

Before Agahnim's Tower
Master Sword
Ether Medallion

Before Palace of Darkness
Pyramid Heart Piece

Palace of Darkness

300 Rupees (Swamp Cave)
Flower Circle Heart Piece
Digging Game Heart Piece
Release the Bird
Chest Game Heart Piece

Thieves' Town
Titan's Mitt

300 Rupees (East House)
Pick Up the Cursed Dwarf
Hammertime Heart Piece
Tempered Sword (Mirror, Give Sword, Warp To Dark, Get Chest, Mirror, Get 1/2 Magic, Talk to Smiths)
Desert Bottle (Fly To 7)

Skull Woods
Fire Rod

Quake Medallion (Fly To 4)
Ice Palace

Cane of Byrna (Fly To 1, Take fairy for security)
West Mire Heart Piece

Misery Mire
Cane of Somaria

East Mire Heart Piece
Bombos Medallion (Fly To 4)

Swamp Palace

Lake Hylia Heart Piece
"Under the Bridge" Bottle
Super Bomb
Golden Sword
Silver Arrows
Magic Cape
Cemetery Cliff Heart Piece
Bumper Heart Piece
Lumberjack Heart Piece

Turtle Rock
Turtle Rock Heart Piece
Mirror Shield

Floating Island Heart Piece

Ganon's Tower
Red Mail